The beauty of life’s adventure captured in a photo

I want to show you how nature reflects in your eyes, and then go deeper and bring out images directly from your soul.

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A little about me


I’m Heather

I am a friendly and positive person. I enjoy spending time with my family. I am married and my husband will often come to my photo sessions and help out as a second shooter or lighting assistant.


Relationship with nature

I love nature. My youth was spent hiking, camping, and spending time in the beautiful world God created. It’s how I think we can reconnect our souls with the nature around us.



If nature is my first true love, photography became my second one. It started with just wanting to take pictures of sunsets, mountains, and friends and family, but I was instantly drawn to it. I have a passion for photography and love capturing memories and moments in time for people to have those for years to come.


Interesting Facts

Not only am I passionate about photography, I am also a wife, mom of 7, and a seamstress! When I have free time (haha, what's free time?!) I enjoy diamond painting and making tee-shirts with sublimation.